Safari 2010 Trip Report

During our 2010 Safari we took the San Francisco-Wash DC, then Dakar-Johannesburg, overnight at Peermont Metcourt Suites then up to Maun & out to Chitabe Lediba Camp for 3 nights, 3 nights Little Vumbura Camp, 3 nights Duma Tau Camp and finally 2 nights Toka Leya Camp.

Little Vumbura was our favorite and the heli ride in and out (as well as the boat ride to camp) was fantastic. We spent our game drive time on Vumbura Plains and had excellent sightings. A couple of times we went through deep water (driver got his socks wet) or had to go around but not a huge problem. We were following 3 male lions but missed the actual buff kill because we were going around the deep water part. OK by me as we watched them eat it.

Chitabe Lediba was our 2nd favorite and the water didn't seem an issue except that the monthly dry truck was stuck in the mud for 3 days and never came in while we were there. 2 wonderful leopard sightings.

Duma Tau was our least favorite for a couple of reasons. It turned bitterly cold and it is a much larger camp which makes a difference. Also because of cold there were several drives where we saw next to nothing. On the other hand, we had a wonderful sighting of mama and baby leopard and watched for probably an hour while mama came out of her tree and tried to talked baby down too. The hyenas were on guard at the base of the tree. Again there are more watering holes so how much does that change things and the channel is of course full and beautiful.

Toka Leya in Zambia was a delight. (I never thought I'd be so happy to see a heater and hair dryer.) The Zambezi is very high and full and the water level was no problem. You do get wet touring the falls but it warmed up to dry us off. It was actually quite warm during the days.