New tar road  <div Donkey carts  <div Gatlon Gate entrance to Etosha  <div Picnic area at Gatlon Gate  <div Dolomite Camp in the foothills  <div Room 20 deck & private pool  <div
Inside our tent  <div Jim filming from the deck  <div Elephants going to the waterhole  <div In single file  <div Giraffes  <div <div
<div <div <div <div Mountain zebras  <div Mountain zebras-only dark stripes  <div
<div Ostrich  <div <div Mixed group of zebras  <div Burchell's zebra-see the shadow stripes  <div Blackbacked jackal  <div
Giraffe  <div More zebra  <div Ostrich  <div Tawny eagle  <div Plover eatting a worm  <div Blue wildebeest  <div
Kudu  <div Male kudu  <div Oryx or gemsbok  <div Zebra and kudu  <div Female kudu are leaving  <div More zebra  <div
Lion boys at Jakkalswater  <div <div They decided to move away from us  <div <div <div Zebra are watching them  <div
<div <div <div Elephants have taken over the waterhole  <div The baby  <div <div
<div <div <div Mother and baby mountain zebra  <div <div <div
Sundowners on our deck  <div Leaving Dolomite for central Etosha  <div Mountain zebra  <div Blackbacked jackal  <div <div Red hartebeest  <div
Eland  <div Red hartebeest  <div Zebra and kudu  <div <div <div <div
Showing his teeth  <div <div <div A little fighting  <div Lots of wildlife at the Ozonjuitji m'Bari waterhole  <div <div
<div A picnic stop in Etosha Park  <div The bathroom is best avoided  <div Okondeka-our favorite waterhole at the end of Etosha Pan  <div One lone lion  <div The giraffe is watching the lion  <div
Spotted hyanea  <div Spotted hyanea  <div Male lion at Olifantsbad  <div <div <div <div
<div <div <div <div <div <div
Kudu at Aus  <div <div Lion pride near Ombika  <div Pride of 2 males and 5 females  <div ...and across the road, 8 cubs  <div <div
<div <div Cub joining the pride  <div <div <div <div
Cub meets dad  <div Dad has had enough  <div <div <div <div <div
<div <div Looking for trouble  <div <div <div <div
Blue wildebeest at Okaukuejo Camp waterhole  <div Rhino in waterhole  <div <div <div He came to see us  <div Now the elephants are coming  <div
And at dusk the giraffe arrive  <div <div <div <div Sunset at Okaukuejo  <div Kori bustard  <div
Kori bustard  <div Springbok  <div Blue wildebeest leaving the waterhole  <div One lion with the springbok  <div Lion watching the springbok  <div Spitting cobra just crossed the road  <div
Spitting cobra leaving the road  <div <div Kitchen at Halali Bush camp  <div Patio at Halali  <div Female lion at Goas  <div Hyaena snooping around  <div
Unaware of the lion ahead  <div Lion spots the hyaena  <div Drama is over and hyaena leaves  <div Looking for pride  <div <div <div
Black rhino  <div Hyaenas  <div Etosha pan with wildebeest  <div Etosha pan  <div Pride of lions at Homob  <div Zebras  <div
<div <div <div <div <div <div
<div Zebra and wildebeest  <div <div <div Secretarybird  <div Pride of lions off Detour road  <div
<div <div <div Flat cats  <div Northern black korhaan  <div Jaclal  <div
Lion coming in for a drink  <div <div Lion at Salvadora  <div <div <div <div
Lion running at us in our truck  <div Still coming  <div Getting really close  <div <div <div The male lion is right behind her  <div
Cat jam at sunset-truck is broke down and needs to create a diversion  <div Leopard watching the people  <div <div Leopard posing for photos  <div <div <div