Our chariot for the next 3 weeks  <div That's our chalet off in the distance up a 25 meter staircase  <div Heaven's Gate is the name of our chalet at Vingerklip Lodge  <div View from the deck  <div Our room on top of the cliff  <div Our room, not pictured is the indoor/outdoor splash pool  <div
Another view  <div View from on top of the plateau  <div The pool down at the lodge  <div The trail to Vingerklip  <div Vingerklip rock formation  <div Vingerklip  <div
View from Vingerklip back towards the lodge  <div Giraffe down in the valley  <div View from our deck  <div Another view  <div <div <div
Vingerklip off in the distance  <div Moon coming up  <div