Eagles nest

Going to Eagle's Nest    MG 6133 Our chalet called "the Rock"    MG 6140 the Rock    MG 9144 Kitchen with wine tree   IMG 9147 The bedroom with rock   IMG 9151 Cooking dinner   IMG 0989
Private deck   IMG 9150 Rock dassie watching us    MG 6160 View from our deck    MG 6129 More views    MG 6127 B4 leaving Aus for Luderitz    MG 9250 Watch for brown hyaena which we did not see on the road    MG 9263
Watch out for wild horses    MG 6118 Not so wild    MG 9124 IMG 0992 Wild horses    MG 9166 Pawing the water    MG 9174 Running for the waterhole    MG 9211
Skinny horses as no rain yet and very little to eat    MG 9225