Over the Dune road to Kieliekrankie    MG 5963 KK on the top of a dune 4 chalets and the manager's tent    MG 5957 Unfenced camp so fenced entrance to chalet   IMG 5952 Room with view of the waterhole   IMG 5949 Well equiped kitchen   IMG 5950 Deck with braai and view of waterhole    MG 5948
Happy hour   IMG 0986 Cooking bread in the pot   IMG 5965 Oryx in the red dunes    MG 9674 View from KK chalet    MG 5966 Secratery bird in the dunes    MG 9163 Oryx    MG 9145
Oryx, also called Gemsbok, most common antelope of the Kalahari    MG 9149 Ostrich pair and chicks    MG 9152 Ostrich    MG 9170 Mom and big chicks    MG 9185 Cheetah with steenbok kill    MG 9243 Cheetah with kill    MG 9286
Cheetah with kill    MG 9290 Cheetah, too full to eat any more    MG 9308 Cheetah watching for preditors    MG 9313 Giraffe in the early morning    MG 9317 Red hartebeest    MG 9328 Martial eagle    MG 9339
Tawny eagles    MG 9351 Lion coming in for a drink    MG 9354 Lion    MG 9372 Lion    MG 9419 Lion watching the oryx    MG 9424 Lion watching the oryx    MG 9426
Lion    MG 9465 Lion    MG 9488 Red dunes on Dune Road    MG 9500 Leopard tortoise    MG 9503 Cape eagle owl    MG 9510 Cape fox    MG 9518
Cope fox    MG 9521 Spotted hyaena    MG 9529 Spotted hyaena    MG 9531 Spotted hyaena    MG 9532 Spotted hyaena    MG 9540 Blue wildebeest    MG 9611
Blue wildebeest    MG 9619 Black mane lion famous in the Kalahari    MG 9562 Black mane lion    MG 9564 Female and 2 male cubs    MG 9590 Mom    MG 9770 She's looking at us in our truck    MG 9750
Lion boys are watching dad    MG 9765 Lion boys    MG 9789 A small car is passing by    MG 9793 6 feet from our window    MG 9802 Lion paw    MG 9850 Impala and baby    MG 9886
Ostrich in the dunes    MG 9662 Secretary bird    MG 9666 Early morning lions on the hunt    MG 9877 Bateleur eagle    MG 9904 Bateleur eagle at Cubitje Quap    MG 9906 Tortoise coming for a swim    MG 9933
MG 9942 2 black mane lions at Nossob Camp    MG 9964 MG 9981