Trip Report

Leaving Grootberg Pass on our way to Damaraland  <div Good gravel roads  <div Our transportation to Hoanib  <div <div Flying over Damaraland  <div The roads are mostly straight  <div
<div Dry Hoanib River bed  <div From the airplane  <div Coming in to camp  <div New Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp  <div Our tent  <div
View from our tent  <div Brown hyaena at the waterhole in front of our room  <div Professional filming truck watching the desert lions  <div The 3 Musketeers from Vanishing Kings fame  <div Resting in the late afternoon  <div A perfect pose  <div
Cat nap  <div Waking up  <div <div <div <div Heading out in the setting sun for a little hunting  <div
<div 3 Musketeers  <div 3 Musketeers  <div 3 Musketeers  <div 3 Musketeers  <div 3 Musketeers  <div
1 of the 3 the next morning overlooking the river bed  <div Giraffe  <div Swallow tailed bee eater  <div Pale chanting goshawk  <div Jackal  <div New born gifaffe  <div
<div <div The giraffe family  <div <div Flamingos at the coast  <div <div
Blackbacked jackal  <div Seals at the ocean  <div <div More seals  <div Charles got a flat tire -  <div The Atlantic Ocean  <div
A sit down lunch at the coast  <div A real feast  <div Now this is the way to have lunch  <div An old shipwrech  <div The coastline from the air  <div Flamingos  <div
View from the airplane  <div Landscape between coast and camp  <div Dry Hoanib riverbed  <div Our cameraman  <div We went out on foot to watch the elephants come to the waterhole  <div Coming through the pass  <div
Single file  <div We had to climb up on a rock until they passed  <div They saw us  <div And they didn't like what they saw  <div View of our camp while we're wainting to the ellies to leave  <div They finally left and we could get back to camp for sundowners  <div
Oyrx  <div Hoodia plant  <div Desert elephants  <div More desert ellies  <div <div <div
<div Many layed down to take a mid day nap  <div <div <div <div <div
<div Eagle  <div Steenbok  <div Giraffe at waterhole  <div <div Giraffe coming down the road  <div
We went for an evening drive to find the perfect sundowner spot  <div <div <div <div <div <div
We had to climb up this mountain  <div <div Charles making drinks  <div Us at sundown  <div Flying back to Damaraland  <div Great views from the plane  <div
More views  <div