2016 Kruger Trip Report

Leopard Leopard

Our 3 weeks in Kruger were great. We landed at JNB on time and were at car rental about 90 minutes after landing. Avis was not good to us though, as the car we had reserved AND PAID FOR (11 months in advance) was not available. We agreed to a downgrade but later found out they only credited us with about $20 for the $200 downgraded vehicle. Lessons learned but not sure what more we could have done(do not trust Avis).

Leopard Leopard Driving in South Africa was easy on the wrong side of the road but then we were mostly on freeways all the way to Kruger (about 4 hours). We did drive through one town and missed the sign to the Park but that was soon corrected and we were at our first camp well ahead of gate closing. We had our first dinner in Skukuza camp at the Cattle Barron and it was magical to be in the bush again.

Leopard I was a little concerned that we might get bored game viewing every day but not a chance. We mixed it up a bit and hit the gate before opening bell (4:20am) a few times and also stayed in camp till afternoon a few times. We had some really hot weather over 100 some days and also some rain but really never cold. Our chalets were almost always best in camp with great views as prices were too low to worry about.

Lodging All the main camps had grocery stores and we were able to get any and all supplies. Stand outs were the garlic bread and the meats. They also had great South African wines at great prices so we sampled a lot.

For the last 8 nights of this trip a Trip Advisor friend met up with us and shared our accommodations. Alex and Zevada are from Slovenia and we had a great time around the braai sharing stories. These were a 4 bedroom house in Shingwedzi and 2 bedrooms cottages at Shimuwini and Olifants. We had some interesting moments battling baboons at Olifants (they emptied our frig and broke my wine).

Elephant I have looked at my photos and narrowed them down to less than 300 I think. I did an animal count from my notes (new sightings not repeat visits) and the numbers surprised me:

Kruger Safari Images