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2020 Namibia Trip Report

Ai Aiba Desert Breeze Our 21st African safari, our 10th Namibian safari, our 6th Kalahari safari and the statement "no two safaris are ever the same" could not be more true!!! Change started as soon as we arrived in Namibia. Our temperature was taken as soon as we arrived on Feb 7th. Namibia was the ONLY country/airport during our trip (that ended March 9th) were they were screening for coronavirus, impressive!!!

Thousand Hills Thousand Hills

Change continued with our truck rental, as mentioned in itinerary. Yes we were aware of this change. After nine years with the same truck rental company we became disappointed in the age of the truck we had in 2019 and the windshield was so pitted it made taking pictures impossible and many other reasons. But we were not expecting SO many improvements with a Safari Car Rental truck. Improvements:

Sossusvlei Sunset at Desert Homestead male lion

For this safari, we first made our way to Erongo Mountains, then on to Swakopmund and then to Sossusvlei to enjoy Namibia and get over jet-leg. Then we headed to Mariental to pick-up provisions for self-catering before entering the Kgalagadi Park. At the Mata-Mata gate everything appeared as it was in 2019, dry, dry, dry. Little did we know that was coming to an end. Rain, rain, and more rain. We saw HEAVY rain on 4 days/nights over 12 nights. We saw the riverbeds become lakes as well as the roads resulting in a lot of damage. But that did not stops the animals. Yes there were fewer especially during the rainy days, but we still were treated to some great/unusual sightings. Click the trip report link above to view the highlights of our 2020 safari.

Mon and cub Mon and cub Mon and cub