2023 Mayan Riviera - Palladium Trip

DayBed Area Lounge Area

Our first Palladium resort visit was in 2007. Our 2023 trip was our 17th straight year to Grand Palladium without missing a year, even during COVID(2020). It is amazing the amount of change year over year. We know the property but every year we need to begin by locating all the changes. Some changes impact our visit and other have no impact. The first change for 2023 was the closing of the TRS Day-Bed area located near the Kantenah resort. The image to the right is their new TRS Day-Bed area that is now located closer to the Colonial resort. Outside of the TRS Day-Bed area are tons of beach lounge chairs. Not a problem finding a confortable beach location for the day.

Seaweed Removal Seaweed Removal The quantity of seaweed has been increasing for more than a decade. Little has changed in the fight to keep the beach clear of seaweed. It is enteraining to watch their various seaweed removal strategies. Best observed in the morning with a glass of champagne!!!

Garlic Shrimp Lobster Themidor The food remained as good as ever. Some entries are so good you need to take a picture before digging in. The Lobster Themidor is still a free entry at Helios and a favorite of ours that is hard to do at home. Another favorite of ours is their grilled garlic shrimp. Very important to leave the scales at home!!!

Salt Water Pool Salt Water Pool When the winds are strong the impact on the salt-water pool is very predictable. Believe it of not a day later the salt-water pool had no seaweed. The Palladium do work very hard!!!

Snack Donuts These images are just for fun. Palladium management continue to believe we are not eating enough and several times deliveried a little extra to our room. Like this heart plate, very tasty. Also just for fun was the donut wall at the breakfast buffet. Not on my diet but it was a fun donut display!!!

Closed Buffet Closed Trail By far the biggest news/change was the closing of the Kantenah resort. We normally booked into the Kantenah resort because it was closer to the TRS Day-Bed area. A couple weeks prior to our arrival Kantenah was closed and construction of a new up-scale family resort began. The big buffet at the Kantenah was also closed for a renovation with this big sign over the door. The other image to the right was a raised cat-walk that led to Kantenah rooms.

The following images are just past the TRS Day-Bed area. The wall was long and tall with signs about the renovation. The bottom pictures I got by sticking my phone through a crack in the wall. Behind the wall we could see the bar that serviced the TRS Day-Bed area was still standing and you can even make out where the Day-Bed area was. Lots of change....scheduled to open January 2024!!!!

Closed Wall Closed Wall Closed Wall

Closed Wall Closed Wall Closed Wall