Ridge Tahoe 2001

Sunday Brunch

The Ridge Tahoe The Ridge and Stagecoach Lodge

Our Bldg from the trees The Ridge Parking Lot

Nevada Valley from Ridge View North from Ridge Condo

Expanded View View of Crow's Nest from Ridge

Danny's Playland Ridge full-time Resident

Let's Play LIFE Danny is winning at LIFE, or cheating!!

Emily is bored at LIFE OK.. Let's play LIFE again…

Let's play Nintendo… No one like Nintendo???

Lisa likes Nintendo… Tony likes Nintendo…

Time for Walley-ball… Emily tackles Scott, Nicholas hides head

OK.. Serve the Wally-ball Cue-ie like Tahoe

Cue-ie like the snow… Time for a little TV

Eric likes to swim in the snow.. Adrian likes to swim in the snow…

Eric and Adrian in the snow… Out of the pool and into the snow

Eric wants to dig in the snow Adrian is cold… back in the pool!!

Eric begins to bury himself in snow Enough snow…back in pool!!!

That's it… Let's go home!!!